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I am Gothi & this is how I fell in love with fans!

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At a time when it was never meant to be a full-time business, I shared my passion for Hand Fans with a few of my close friends. How exactly? I remember gifting them some lovely fans, which I brought from my trip to Thailand. They absolutely loved it and wanted more! Soon many of them wanted to own these lovely collectibles, and I was getting more and more fans to please my friends...


This happened back in 2009, and it triggered me to think and realize that there are many more out there like me. Ladies who love to own or collect Hand Fans, for many reasons, of course! It was the time to seize this opportunity, and with no time, I was selling Hand Fans on eBay. Back then, it was only a small part-time business apart from my full-time career at Hilton Hotels, both of which helped me financially to peruse my MBA and other life goals.

Since then, it was all about a slow yet steady up scaling expedition to transform my passion into a business. And yes! We have grown. From single-hand operation to a slowly growing team! From eBay to Amazon, Esty & Made Me! But that was not all. From ready-made fans, we have grown to create our own line of fans called “Fans of Fans”

Today, nearly after a decade from its inception, “FANSOF.FANS” is an established brand that offers more than five distinct categories of fans which are custom-made, and personalized. Our clientele has spread worldwide, and it so adores me to work with people who share the same passion as I do. Our fans are cherished by individuals as well as several corporate clients as corporate gifts. The Land Mark London & Warner Brothers are only two among many of our prestige corporate clientele.

For me, this is beyond just a business & something I love doing each day & every day!

FANSOF.FANS, for fans of fans!

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